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I Stand with Planned Parenthood!

Do you or your friends use birth control? Do you think HIV testing is pretty crucial for everyone? Do you like to walk into a health clinic and not get judgy stares from people because of your gender identity or the color of your skin?

Unfortunately those rights — YOUR rights — are under attack now more than ever before.

If Planned Parenthood health centers shut down, millions of people could be cut off from their health care. Young people, people of color, people with low incomes, and folks in rural areas will be hit the worst. Many will be forced to go to great lengths to seek supportive care — or else have ZERO options for care at all.

We need to make our voices loud and clear: We DEFY any attempt to control our bodies or dictate how to live our lives. We're ready to fight like hell against anyone who gets in our way, and we need to know you're ready too.

Say you stand with Planned Parenthood, no matter what:

[Your Name]